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currently only painting dollfie dreams and similarly-styled heads

3/16/12 General Update

1.) Roterwolkenvogel’s Unoa Lusis Mod - WHAT A CUTIEEEEE ugh love Unoas so much. <3 He came out great! I’m so happy he’s finished.

2.) LosT&FounD’s Luts Soony - Donnnne! This one took so many tries, haha. She’s dark because she’s been blushed to match a darker colored body.

3.) DawnDusk’s Migidoll Ryu - Donnnnne too! Yaaaaay.

4.) Chibaraki’s MNF Rheia - MSC bloom. :/ I was finishing this up when I saw that the sealant around the nose had lifted up. diagopsrigapwieposae was so mad. Am in the process of redoing it. I’m focusing on making her look more evil/bitchy this time, since I think that was lost a bit last time around when I was focused so much on making her gold eye makeup stand out.

5.) GIANT PILE OF HEADS/MARCH WAIT-LIST - All coated and have had their eyeliner done.

2/18/12 General Update

1.) LosT&FounD’s Luts Soony - This head’s default face-up really put up a fight! Took me three hours to remove it, and even after when I coated the head I still found a little left of it here and there so I had to wipe it again. Need to resin match this one to the body.

2.) DawnDusk’s Migidoll Ryu - A redo! Just need to finish darkening the eyebrows to a dark brown, bringing out the eyes more, and adding more dark pink to the lips.

3.) Chibaraki’s MNF Rheia - Kpop dark evil girl face-up with gold! I’m actually considering redoing this because I’m not crazy about the nude cheek blushing I added. If I keep this face-up, I just need to continue to intesify the eye makeup and make her eyebrows black.

This month’s face-ups are all fairly specific when it comes to details, so I’m chipping away at them fairly slowly.

DawnDusk - Migidoll Ryu

Pink blushing, blue hints of eyeshadow (popular choice recently!), dramatic lips, thick brows. She specifically asked for him to look happy. <3

11/12/11 General Update

1.) Tadase’s Bambicrony Mae - Completed, awaiting eyelashes

2.) Belle_Laide’s LLT Roderich - Completed, awaiting eyelashes

3.) DawnDusk’s Migidoll Ryu - Redo #3, first time had eyelid lines that were undesirable, second time had sealant issues due to spraying in cold weather, currently wiped and awaiting recoating

4.) Snowgray’s LTF Vera - Redo #3, first time the eyebrows were the wrong shape, second time a smudge was sealed into the face, currently wiped and awaiting recoating

5.) PMX Prep Heads - Ready for face-up demo

It’s been raining this weekend— I want to try to coat and start again on Ryu & Vera tomorrow before I leave for PMX. My hope is to complete the last two heads sometime next week. I’m considering transitioning from MSC to Purity Seal due to how it’s less toxic. I’ll probably do the base coat in MSC for the UV-protect, use the Purity Seal to do the face-up layers, and do the final coat in MSC for extra UV-protect.