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currently only painting dollfie dreams and similarly-styled heads

4/1/12 General Update

1.) july31’s Luts Winter ‘11 - Done with her daughter and father duo! I’m happy with how these two came out. This is a no nonsense gal who resembles her father and mother but has a hint of freshness to her and intense eyes.

2.) july31’s Luts Regen - He’s supposed to be a somewhat self deprecating but sarcastic father who is mature. Tried to match his eyebrow color to a photo of his wig. His eyebrows are not groomed and his colors are supposed to be muted.

3.) paladia’s Domuya Saisha - Taka inspired tough and strong gal who is feminine but somewhat androgynous with classic, glamour eyebrows! She was fun.

4.) Erised D. Sire’s Souldoll Yurr - Beautiful boy with light lips and forest green eyeshadow. Switch inspired lower eyelashes. Very delicate. :3

5.) My Ghoulia - Pictured next to a Dead Tired Ghoulia to show how different she looks. I wanted to keep this one because I like her darker and thicker hair than the Dead Tired Ghoulia, but after playing with her for a few days I think I prefer the newer jointing system. I may repaint this one to sell. She has light freckles and is just so cute. D,:

6.) My Toralei - I gave her just one fang, haha. Was thinking about how cute and silly my cats look when they do that. I like the eyebrows I did for her, but I wish I could have did more with the colors. Need to be more creative next time.

7.) My Draculaura - Cute, sweet darling. :,3 I really like how she came out! Such a sweet sculpt. I want to cut her hair but I’m afraid that if I straighten out her bangs, her bangs will be too short. Waffling a bit. I want to give her a hime cut.

2/18/12 General Update

1.) LosT&FounD’s Luts Soony - This head’s default face-up really put up a fight! Took me three hours to remove it, and even after when I coated the head I still found a little left of it here and there so I had to wipe it again. Need to resin match this one to the body.

2.) DawnDusk’s Migidoll Ryu - A redo! Just need to finish darkening the eyebrows to a dark brown, bringing out the eyes more, and adding more dark pink to the lips.

3.) Chibaraki’s MNF Rheia - Kpop dark evil girl face-up with gold! I’m actually considering redoing this because I’m not crazy about the nude cheek blushing I added. If I keep this face-up, I just need to continue to intesify the eye makeup and make her eyebrows black.

This month’s face-ups are all fairly specific when it comes to details, so I’m chipping away at them fairly slowly.