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currently only painting dollfie dreams and similarly-styled heads

1/29/12 General Update

1.) Devil’s Trill’s Unoa B-el - All done! Blonde hair guy with dark brown eyelashes. Pink blushing. Will take nice daylight photos of tomorrow.

2.) Devil’s Trill’s Unoa L-bi - All done! Black hair guy with black eyelashes. Brown blushing. Will take nice daylight photos of tomorrow.

3.) Chien’s Soom Idealian51 Cuba - All done too— I experimented a lot with this guy while waiting for the other commissions to dry. He’s been airbrushed, for instance, haha! I used a new gloss on him, and also refined how I do stubbles. He also has a hairline, widows peak, and sideburns painted on. It’s not that visible, but I like having it there underneath the hair. I also made one eyebrow a bit higher to make him look more like my favorite drawing of Kon.

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