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How to Use the “Chien Paints” Tumblr and Twitter Effectively

Hello! If you are reading this, you are either a potential/current/future/past customer, or someone who is just interested in following a face-up artist’s work and dolls! Even if you are not any of those things, welcome! I have decided to write up a short guide to help people understand the purpose of this blog, along with how it works to complement its companion Twitter.

The purpose of this blog is to allow interested parties to view visual updates on face-ups that I am working on andĀ of my own personal projects, along with allowing insight into my perspective as a face-up artist. So what you may see on this blog may be photos of what I worked on that day, completed face-ups, how I dressed my dolls for a meet-up, and other similar things.

In conjunction with this blog, interested parties may also choose to follow the companion Twitter. The purpose of the Twitter is to provide regular updates on nonvisual components to face-upping— such as putting up notices of when packages have been received or sent out, when eyelashes run out, if the weather is preventing face-ups, which doll heads have been cleaned and sealed, and so on. This Tumblr and Twitter have been set up so that when the Tumblr is updated, the content is crossposted to Twitter.

What this does is allow someone to follow only Twitter to access the nonvisual and visual updates to my work, and also allow someone to choose to follow only Tumblr for the visual updates to my work. You could also choose to follow both too! Up to you. :)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via the Ask Box on this Tumblr, or over Twitter. Thanks!